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We create end-to-end content strategies that use the power of AI, SEO, SMS, digital advertising, email, video, and creative design to attract more attention, start more conversations, and close more sales.



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Meeting our clients at their point of need

Every business has its own digital footprint

Done right, your digital DNA can have a spectacular impact on the success of your business.


On the other hand, if your digital footprint isn't up to snuff, the holes in that bucket almost certainly leak new business opportunities left and right.



The metadata behind your content is as integral to your digital identity as the on-screen content itself.


Haven't looked under the hood in a while? Now is the perfect time to check your vital signs with a

free site audit.


Find out how you stack up to your competition. Learn what you can do to make the most of your online presence. Then, update your strategy and work the plan!


With the advent of artificial intelligence, the digital river will soon overflow its banks.


Discovering new strategies with the ability to supercharge digital sales and marketing is no longer an option. It's a requirement!


We can make your star shine

Your business is one of a trillion stars floating out there in the metaverse, and space on page one is limited. 


After 25 years in the biz working for national brands and internet agencies, I'm putting my experience to work for local businesses right here in our own backyard.


Right now, we're looking for a few (4 to be exact) high-energy Central Texas businesses ready to make the most of digital sales and marketing budgets in 2024.


Take your marketing to new heights


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--Brian McKinney, Digital River Guide


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Benefit from 16 years of experience and cutting-edge technology with our Pay Per Result SEO service. We'll rank your business for your targeted search phrases on the 1st page of Google.

You don't pay till we deliver page one results!

We review your entire funnel including your website’s call-to-action, copy, speed, listings, and reviews to ensure  a high probability of success when you start advertising!

LSAs ensure prime visibility for service businesses in local search results, adopting a pay-per-lead model where you only pay for qualified leads. LSAs offer a dependable and a swift approach to gaining visibility in local search results.

A certified and award-winning Facebook agency, Umbrella Local efficiently manages over 5,000 small business campaigns monthly, serving diverse purposes such as local awareness, eCommerce, online visits, and lead generation.

Keep your information up-to-date on Facebook, Google Business Profile, Apple Maps, and 100+ third-party applications with our Voice Search and business listings service.

Accurate listings drive direct connections.

Have us create email marketing campaigns using your list or our extensive database of 150 million consumers with more than 700 targeting parameters. We'll segment, send, and provide reporting! 

Your website plays a pivotal role in determining the quality of your business's digital footprint. As the cornerstone of your online presence, talk to us about building or refreshing a site that reflects your brand's professionalism, credibility, and relevance.

Our review generation solution seamlessly integrates with any CRM, automatically prompting clients to review your business through email and SMS.

Use our AI Chatbots to Increase lead generation and sales on any website, Facebook page, or eCommerce shop by 2 to 4 times or more. Guaranteed! 

Automates your entire sales and marketing process with AI!

Saatchi creates new content and publishes it to your website, answers questions, provides social proof, books appointments, and works 24/7 365 days a year.

uSBO (Umbrella Search Box Optimization) puts your business in the auto-complete search box for Google, YouTube, and Bing.

Customers see you first and bypass your competition. Find the best keyword phrases in your industry and own the Autocomplete Real Estate for those terms.
Google says that about 71% of the searches use the auto-complete. 

Be there.

Our leading accessibility solutions make it easy and affordable to comply with the Supreme Court's ruling under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Achieve complete compliance, obtain ADA certification, and ensure year-round protection by inserting just one line of code.

What makes us different

Sprocket Digital works with best-in-class solutions providers through its partnership with Umbrella Local and other "partnershop" relationships we've developed on our own.

We offer 5-Star access to cutting edge technologies at the forefront of AI.

Our 25 plus years of industry experience and competitive price points make us a great choice for small to medium sized Central Texas businesses.


Kind Words

" Brian is an extraordinary talent with a positive, infectious attitude"

Brian is a thought leader who knows how to align digital marketing, technology, strategy, and tactics with business goals and objectives.


He built relationships and critical thinking partnerships with recognized internal and external leaders, leveraged his influence to drive optimal business results, and helped business units define, align, and nurture Aetna’s digital marketing transformation goals.


-- Tito M. Cantafio, Marketing Operations Manager, Enterprise Communications, Aetna

" Brian is a truly gifted individual"

I've leveraged Brian's services over the years to design, develop and implement Internet strategies across a number of industries.


Brian's greatest skills are in gathering requirements and reducing them into a solid set of actionable items. As an agent of change, Brian clearly excels at being able to easily articulate new technological vision to all levels of leadership as well as the Individual contributors.


-- Josh Norid, VP, Product Architecture

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